Brand Marketing for B2B SaaS Startups

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Brand marketing encompasses a variety of different strategies and activities. Startup founders and teams are often overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin.

I know myself how challenging it can be from the startups I’ve helped get off the ground and create strong brands. At RE’FLEKT we created the #1 brand for enterprise augmented reality, at Hyperloop I got to help build one of the most well-known tech startups in the transportation space.

Brand Bootcamp for B2B SaaS Founders and Teams

I help B2B startups get started easily, focus on essentials and find a good balance between brand, demand and lead generation.

For this we do the Brand Marketing Bootcamp at the German Accelerator, where founders and teams learn:

  • What a brand consists of
  • How important positioning and messaging are (and that these are not one-time topics).
  • How the brand becomes known
  • How to create trust and credibility with the brand
  • Why thought leadership is a great tool for branding
  • How you can use media and PR as a brand amp
  • What can be done with category creation
  • And the differences in branding and messaging between Europe and the U.S.

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Dirk Schart is CMO of the No. 1 Enterprise AR startup RE’FLEKT. He is a Product Experience Marketing fan and focuses on B2B software and SaaS models —from zero to hero. Dirk is the former Director of SaaS Products at HyperloopTT, and helped scale SkyWork from 30 to 200+ in less than 18 months. He mentors startups at the German Accelerator in Silicon Valley. Dirk is the author of “Augmented and Mixed Reality for Marketing” and spends his free time as Heavy Metal Rockstar 🎸