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fir Emerging Tech and SaaS

From Work Augmentation to the Metaverse and Elon Musk's Hyperloop, Software and Technology make Work and Life easier.

The Growth for Tech Journey

"No Better Products" means that the story of the product that sells itself is a fairytale. Growth & marketing is a battle of perceptions, not a battle of products. The journey starts with positioning the solution and building a 10x product experience. Because different is better than better.

Crossing the Chasm with Augmented and Virtual Reality

How to turn emerging technology (AR/VR, AI, Blockchain, Crypto) into rapidly growing businesses generating revenue?

The recipe is to target the different buyer and user segments in emerging tech from early adopters to mainstream markets. Building a brand that makes sales easier. Staying out of the hype bubble. Using hybrid go-to-market and monetization models.

Creating Hyperloop's Next Level Passenger Experiences

How to build new solutions and show the value of complex products in a simple way?

Translate complex technology into an easy-to-understand story and show the value for the customer. At Hyperloop, we filed a patent for head-capturing visualization models. Explaining how it lets passengers look outside of a window-less pod create a huge media impact.

Hyper-Growth Marketing for Existing and New Markets

What I've learned in Silicon Valley and in the European tech hot spots--as CMO and Startup Coach--from building global brand & go-to-market strategies in different markets?

How to build scalable go-to-market plans for B2B by using hybrid growth models. Going data-driven and accelerating the rocketship by combining sales teams with product-led growth.

Thought Leadership & Community Building

Why every tech startup should think about thought leadership and communities?

Because collaboration and community is the fuel for growth of today's fastest growing companies. I've done what I am teaching and seen it working--with communities for tech startups and my personal brand throughmy book and contribtions to publications from Forbes.

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