Hey there, Welcome to my page. I am Dirk, a B2B Brand & Growth leader helping tech startups to build desirable SaaS brands and products and bring them to market—from zero to hero by turning today’s vision into tomorrow’s reality. Besides my CMO role, I am a Startup Growth Coach for the German Silicon Valley Accelerator helping tech startups to understand how marketing and growth work in Europe and the United States.

“Different is better than better” is my credo and defines my go-to-market strategies. I am the author of an Augmented Reality Marketing book and creator of the Tech Circle community.

As CMO at RE’FLEKT, I built the No. 1 Enterprise AR startup brand. In my role as Director SaaS Products for Elon Musk’s Hyperloop project, I helped to build the SaaS products from scratch. In my role as Communications Manager, I helped the aviation startup SkyWork to grow from 30 to 200+ in less than 18 months. 

I am a Marketing leader trained in Silicon Valley and in the European startup hotspots Barcelona and Munich. I love to simplify brand and growth frameworks from successful companies and build a scalable marketing stage. Check out my presentation from the G2 Reach conference about how to use your brand as a demand accelerator or read my blog articles about Andressen Horowitz and Superhuman.

My current mission:

I am the Chief Marketing Officer at RE’FLEKT where I turned the work augmentation platform into the No. 1 Enterprise AR startup (ABI Research) recognized as “best-in-class”. My team over-achieved the marketing revenue goals by 150% on average in the last two years by driving the fastest-growing use cases for our products. We turned a sales-led top-down model into a product-led strategy and increased marketing contribution with 300% more product trials resulting in 3x revenue growth and 30% fewer support requests.

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