About me

B2B Brand & Growth leader helping tech startups to build desirable SaaS products—from zero to hero by turning today’s vision into tomorrow’s reality. 

Turned RE’FLEKT into the No. 1 Enterprise AR startup, paved the way for HyperloopTT’s SaaS and Marketplace products, and helped the mobility startup SkyWork to grow from 30 to 200+ in less than 18 months. 

My secret sauce:

I am a Marketing leader trained in Silicon Valley and in the European startup hotspots Barcelona and Munich. I use simple models and scalable frameworks to build a powerful brand and growth engine. 

“Learn from the best, grow with creative invest”

Check the articles and learn more about my “Learn Growth Series” where I break down successful models of hyper-growth companies and make them easily applicable for startups. 

Over the last 15 years, I have built strong networks and communities: in the AR/VR space with the leading founders of AR/VR companies, enterprise decision-makers of multi-billion dollar companies, and tech investors. In the Marketing area, with leading marketing and product folks in the Silicon Valley and in Europe. 

My current mission:

I am the Chief Marketing Officer at RE’FLEKT where I turned the work augmentation platform into the No. 1 Enterprise AR startup (ABI Research) recognized as “best-in-class”. My team over-achieved the marketing revenue goals by 150% on average in the last two years by driving the fastest-growing use cases for our products. We turned a sales-led top-down model into a product-led strategy and increased marketing contribution with 300% more product trials resulting in 3x revenue growth and 30% fewer support requests.

My books, articles, and keynotes:

Authored an Augmented Reality Marketing book and contributed to the Forbes book “Metaverse” about the workplace of the future. 

– How to utilize the brand to accelerate demand and growth

– How habit loops impact tech adoption

– Build a media strategy like Andreessen Horowitz

– 5 steps in the B2B buyer’s journey

– Urgency will change today’s AR vision into tomorrow’s AR reality

* https://www.re-flekt.com – CMO of the No. 1 Enterprise AR startup

* https://dirkschart.com – my content hub

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