Brand as a Demand Accelerator

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This presentation and video are from my talk at 2020 G2 Reach conference in San Francisco. It shows how startups can use their brand as a demand accelerator. A great brand makes it easier for your sales and growth teams to sell the products. Customers are more likely to buy from a brand that has a clear positioning, that is well-known in their industry, and acts as a trusted partner. The talk covers how to:

  1. Become relevant with thought leadership, domain expertise, relevant content that is helpful for companies not only during the buying process.
  2. Build credibility with user reviews, Word-of-Mouth, customer recommendations, analyst reports, and by building personal relationships.
  3. Build trust by acting as a partner, showing (not only talking about) references and the quality of your products, show your team, and let customers look behind the scenes

Video from G2 Reach: Brand as a Demand Accelerator

Slides from the G2 Reach talk

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Dirk Schart is CMO of the No. 1 Enterprise AR startup RE’FLEKT. He is a Product Experience Marketing fan focusing on B2B software and SaaS models —from zero to hero. Dirk is the former Director of SaaS Products at HyperloopTT, and helped scale SkyWork from 30 to 200+ in less than 18 months. He mentors startups at the German Accelerator in Silicon Valley. Dirk is the author of the top-rated book “Augmented and Mixed Reality for Marketing”.