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I’m Dirk Schart, Brand & Growth Leader helping tech companies with growth¬†strategies and go-to-market.

As CMO in emerging tech and former Hyperloop Director Product, I write about what I am working on every day.

My Portfolio

Growth Master

Growth & Brand Leader who has done what he's talking about, Turned REFLEKT into the No. 1 Enterprise AR startup, built Hyperloop's SaaS products and helped scaling SkyWork from 30 to 200+ people.

metaverse builder

Building AR/VR and Blockchain solutions since 10 years. Author of "Augmented Reality for Marketing" and contributor to Forbes' "Metaverse". Patent holder for Hyperloop's Augmented Windows tech.

startup coach

Helped startups to launch 20+ products andbuild a 10x Product Experience to grow their rocket ships. Mentor at the German Silicon Valley Accelerator,